Q. What is the exact size of a glass block window?

A. REDI2SET windows can be made to fit any size window opening. Go to Products>REDI2SET Windows for details on how to measure.

Q. What is the thickness of the block?

A. Glass blocks come in 2”, 3” and 4” nominal thickness because different products and applications require different thickness. CrystaLok Windows have an adjustable frame and can use 2" or 3" thick blocks, but 2” is the lightest and easiest to install in large windows. REDI2SET Windows use 3” block because they are available in the most number of face sizes giving REDI2SET Windows greater flexibility to fit into existing openings. Showers and Partition Walls are normally built with 4” because of its greater stability.

Q. What kind of mortar is needed to install?

A. Premixed glass block mortar is the most convenient and provides the most consistent results, but you may follow the formula for type “S” mortar and mix your own.

Q. How do you put the window in?

A. REDI2SET Windows and CrystaLok Windows are surprisingly easy to install, just go to Products>REDI2SET Windows or Products>CrystaLok Windows and follow the instructions.

Q. Can you put a dryer vent in a window?

A. Yes, REDI2SET Windows can be ordered with a dryer vent. For more information go to Products>Fresh-Air Ventilators.

Q. Can you get ventilation through the windows?

A. Yes, REDI2SET windows and Decorative series CrystaLok windows can be ordered with fresh-air vents. The vents are especially made for glass block and come in various sizes. For more information go to Products>Fresh-Air Ventilators.

Q. Does the window come with a frame?

A. CrystaLok windows are unique in that they do come in a frame and can be easily nailed into place. For more information go to Products>CrystaLok Windows.

Q. What is the difference between silicone and mortar joints?

A. Mortar is the traditional material used for assembling glass block and is still preferred for large commercial applications and for showers and partitions. For windows, however, silicone has quickly become the material of choice. REDI2SET and CrystaLok windows are assembled with the Clear Bond System; it gives the windows a bright, clean, all-glass appearance. Modern industrial grade silicones are inert, remain flexible and last practically forever. They also produce a stronger bond and insulate better.

Q. Is a warranty included with your installation?

A. Yes. We stand behind our product with a 25 Year Limited Warranty included with any window or vent installation. Click here to view the complete warranty.