Exterior Walls

When you think of a glass block exterior wall, think of all of the benefits of a glass block window, but on a larger scale. Natural light will fill your rooms while maintaining privacy without the need for window treatments.

With the hundreds of different block styles, shapes and colors, you can have a true one-of-a-kind glass block wall in your home.Our design team is happy to help you design your application. Stop in our showroom or call and schedule a consultation.

exterior glass block wall

This kitchen wall uses satin finish Pegasus block to provide a soft glow to the room.

The Wave pattern Giallo and Neutro Pegasus provide natural light and privacy in this dining room.

Exterior Glass Block Wall

The natural light provided by this Pegasus Satin wall elminates the need for any other lighting in the room during the day.

This clear block provides immense natural light to this kitchen.